Goliath NY – My Experience (5/5 Review!!)


I honestly don’t understand how come many of my New York friends does not know about Goliath RF. I have been an avid consumer for years and thought that Goliath in Spanish Harlem is unquestionably the finest sneaker and streetwear shop in the area.

I have bought sneakers from everywhere in this world from Chicago to Tokyo, Madrid to Hong Kong. I have shopped everywhere. From small shops around the corner, to super trendy fashion houses. So I know the deal. Goliath RF is undoubtedly the #1 destination when it comes to sneakers, at least for me.

If you are in NYC or just planning a trip, I strongly recommend that you take a trip to the Uptown, from my experience, I can tell Goliath RF is the best in the world.

Without exaggeration nor overstating, this place is the bomb. There is a myriad of options to choose from top brands like Adidas, Nike, Reebok, and Puma. I have got some of my most impressive pieces from here.

The best customer service experience I have had in a long time too.

My first visit there I arrived an hour earlier. I went for a drink and walked around the neighborhood for 30 minutes, visiting old favorites such as CREDIT COP and the Pinocchio restaurant nearby. I then went to look inside and noticed that the staff was getting ready to open. Rosemary saw me and invited me in despite the fact that they are technically still closed.

Goliath RF is also known as the “sneaker bar.” Because in addition to being built on the ruins of a former bar in the same place, it does look like a bar for sneakers. It also functions as a bar regarding socializing with other “sneakerheads.”

It is equally addictive for your wallet too. Especially, if you have a wife or girlfriend because they have added a women’s section as of late. I was impressed by high-quality merchandise, too bad I cannot get them for myself, but I would consider buying as a gift for special someone.

Rosemary Frazier founded Goliath RF in September 2004. She has been chief bartender officer for the sneaker’s Mecca of the world. She also along with her staff design tees, hoodies, and other creative articles of clothes. Rosemary is dedicated to her customers more than any other business owner I know.

She showed me some of her concept designs which stirred nostalgia in me and taught me a couple of techniques for lacing that I did not know about before. I would have asked her out if we if it were not for the age gap.

I spent a significant amount of money on the apparel here. The store has a distinctive collection of clothing. I could not help myself. Luckily, Rosemary gave me a discount because I was polite.

My email is in the mailing list; they send the best offers. I am also able to order online when I am out of town. The customer service online is as good as its offline counterpart. You might say I am a fan boy, but I’m a proud fan boy.